1 апреля 2023

How to protect your assets from the biggest DDoS attacks?


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How to protect your assets from the biggest DDoS attacks?

The development of modern capabilities and technologies has provoked...


The development of modern capabilities and technologies has provoked the creation of online services for many companies. Internet resources allow us to conveniently and effectively promote our business. However, it is worth being aware of the possible risks of hacker attacks and threats that often appear on Internet resources. In order to successfully and effectively promote your business online without fear of hacker threats, it is important to protect your servers and accounts. This will help to avoid possible financial losses and not only that. The most common threat is DDoS attacks, which lead to the blocking of online services and, as a result, financial losses.

However, you can protect your business and assets with Akamai’s industry-leading, customer-trusted service.

Why is it important to protect your assets from DDoS attacks?

There is a huge amount of hacking technology on the Internet. The main purpose of their activity is to steal assets or data, blackmail and mercilessly eliminate competitors. Hackers are capable of developing software that can completely destroy your business on online platforms. The most common way to damage a web resource is a DDoS attack.

A DDoS attack is a massive attack on a server with simultaneous requests that can completely knock down traffic. Often, a DDoS attack can cause hackers to gain access to your assets and cause a denial of customer service. If you own a business or any other resource on the Internet, we recommend that you protect it from possible hacker attacks using the Akamai platform.

Advantages of the Akamai platform

The Akamai platform https://www.akamai.com/solutions/security/ddos-protection will remove any difficulties so that you can focus on simply and quickly promoting your business. Akamai lets you embrace mobile and media. Akamai’s intelligent platform will also enable users to manage bots, cloud self-service applications, improve mobile performance, load balance applications, and provide fast DNS.

Akamai offers customers the widest coverage, protecting your assets regardless of their type, fast and easy segmentation, support for even legacy operating systems, comprehensive breach detection, transparent enterprise visibility, AI-powered segmentation, and most importantly, reliable protection against a variety of DDoS attacks .

You can read more about the service and benefits of Akamai on the company’s website https://www.akamai.com/products/bot-manager. Choose a reliable platform to promote your business online and protect your assets — Akamai.